Saturday, 14 May 2011

Food! Food! Food!

Hi Girls!! I am proud to announce that my new favourite food is now BBQ rib!!!! mmmmm....... u should try it!!!


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Friendship fights

Hi Girls!! sadly right now I am having a huuuuggge fight with my school friends so Im real sad now. So trust me, if you want to talk to me bout sumthin bad happnin between u and your mates, Im bound to understand just how u feel!! remember, if anything bad is happnin, anythin at all, tell me, I could give you advice.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hi Girls!!! If you would like me to write on my blog when it is your birthday and say when it is email your DOB to me at!!!


Jordans new tatoo

Katie Price has got a new tatoo from her hols in Argentina! also she says her new boyf leandro is the real deal and a man's man!


Cheryl Cole Panic Over

Many of you may have thought that from what a lot of people have said Cheryl might be getting back with Ashley Cole but not 2 worry the panic is over 4 she has spilled that the split was final and that she is most defiantly not getting back together with Ashley. ill be back with more Hot Gossip soon but 4 now, BYE!!!!!! =)


Monday, 2 May 2011


I would like 2 announce that my new favourite series of books is the Totally Lucy Series by Kelly Mckain!! If you would like 2 read a little about the books or even order them go 2 her! and if you like them reccomend them 2 your friends!

xxCarmenxx =)

About my blog!!

Hi girls!!! This is Carmen here starting my new blog! if you have any trouble with school friends, crushes or fashion disasters then leave a comment on my blog and start following it! Or if you have any questions you want to ask that you dont want other people to see send me an email at!! And you can also find juicy gossip about whats hot, whats not and celeb happenings!  if you enjoy going on my blog remember to tell your friends about it!!!